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Beach of Sanctuary – Away from the City!

Three Holidays, Three Day-Trips, Busy Summer!

This Summer, finally relieved at the end of COVID restrictions (but still taking precautions), Wolverhampton Quakers and City of Sanctuary cooperated with Colton Hills School and the Birch Thompson Memorial Fund to take three groups of asylum seekers for a much needed holiday to Porthmadog in North Wales.  For those who could not come on the holidays (or were not allowed to stay away from their Home Office hotel overnight), we arranged three day trips, to a country farm, to Shropshire hills, and to an outdoor children’s centre.  Click HERE to read the full article written by some of our volunteers.  We are very grateful to the half-dozen trusts and charities which responded to our appeal for grants to pay for the holidays, and to the communities who generously hosted our day trips.