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World Recipe Book published for Refugee Week 2020

Following the success of our Refugees’ and Asylum Seekers’ Food Club (sponsored by ‘Near Neighbours’), Wolverhampton City of Sanctuary joined with Hope Projects and our local Refugee and Migrant Centre to collect and publish a selection of these eagerly-devoured recipes.  The first print run were delivered as gifts to our regular Drop-In guests, as some small compensation for cancelled holiday trips and days out (Thanks to our donors who raised the money for this).  Now we are printing more as a fundraising endeavour, with the possibility of a special Christmas Edition.  Click HERE for a sample page of “Food Without Borders – A Collaborative, Cultural CookBook for All”.  Or visit the Refugee and Migrant Centre’s CookBook Page at .

Photo of "The CookBook Story"

For the rarer ingredients, look for food shops specialising in particular countries (there are many in Wolverhampton) and also your local Asian shops.  Some large supermarkets (including Sainsburys) have a ‘World Foods’ section.

A big thank you to everyone who has shared.  Without you, this would not exist.